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Clinical Auditing 

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Clinical audits to improve clinical pathways and optimise patient care...

Our clinical audit service is delivered through highly clinical advisors. It is conducted with the highest compliance and adherence to all relevant local and national codes and policies.

 We can:​

  • We help commissioners understand how clinical behaviour and practice drives referrals, activity and cost.  

  • Assess levels of care and appropriateness of clinical setting

  • Recommend changes to contracting arrangements

  • Generate data that can be widely shared through your service to improve patient care and services.

Our auditing services:

Clinical audit diagnostic service

Many healthcare teams struggle to deliver high quality and effective clinical audit which is evidenced via specific feedback provided in recent years by the Care Quality Commission. We can provide an independent view of how to enhance local delivery.

General advice

Our team have simply picked up useful skills and contacts. We frequently help advise teams on best practice in clinical audit and assist them in agreeing a clear consistent methodological approach. 

Design of bespoke clinical audit projects

Our team can bespoke a clinical audit projects for NHS and non-NHS customers. Our team have experience in auditing across both healthcare and council led depts

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