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September 2020

How the unthinkable...triggered the unimaginable...

...who would have imagined the idea of the NHS offering more options for remote consultation and looking to move to a digital first approach, but with Covid it’s taken on a real urgency and led to new demand for across the county.

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May 2020

Supporting restarting the NHS...

As the NHS looks for a recovery or a restart, we reflect on that past few months and how our future will look under the ‘new norm’


This week there can be no doubts: thoughts have turned to what the NHS does after this first wave of COVID. It’s going to be challenging, as COVID won’t be gone, it’s going to be with us for the foreseeable. On top of that, hospitals and GPs are going to be dealing with the backlog:


  • Demand for services will include the normal demand plus any backlog built up in the lockdown period

  • The increase in demand will not only be seen in elective care, but in urgent care too as delayed elective cases become more urgent

  • 2WW Referrals will return rapidly and will need to be prioritised

  • The impact of an increase in demand will be compounded by a backlog of leave as clinicians take holiday, they cancelled during lockdown



So…yes… it’s going to be tough! But there’s a positive, too. In the past two months the NHS has modernised faster and more profoundly than at any time in its history. The technologies it has adopted are ready to be applied to the new challenges we face. A situation that would appear impossible using the old ways of working can be solved through new ways of working:


  • VIRTUAL CLINICS – all clinics and follow ups to be done virtually if possible

  • FOLLOW-UP MONITORING – technology enables patient-initiated follow-up consultations

  • CLINICAL PRIORITISATION – technology allows referral assessment and triaging to manage demand, reducing risk

  • SAFE DISCHARGE EARLIER – communication and hand-over technology helps get patients safely discharged

  • ADVICE AND GUIDANCE – where care might be kept in the community using our tele-medicine product and remote access for patients.

  • VIRTUAL CARE HOME CLINICS – providing regular or daily care to those that need it and reducing traffic in these settings keeping the NHS safe.

The services helps support the NHS Long Term Plan commits to reducing face-to-face outpatient appointments by up to a third over the next five years.

So, in 2020 will emerge the new NHS, and Clinical Partnership are excited to be part of this…

January 2020

New partnership formed with healthcare software providers The World Health Net

The World Health Net platform is Clinical Partnerships new partner in providing tele-medicine across the world. Roll out will start on Friday 10th January. We are excited about the new featres that will be available to our partner GP's and will shortly be available to the public direct. 

May 2019

Tele-medicine Business Co-ordinator required 

We're hiring!

Working from our Head Office in Hessle and field based, we are recruiting for a full or part time Tele-medicine Business Co-ordinator

Closing date for applications is 7th June.

Information Assurance Manager on 01482 908208 option5.

Job description 

January 2019

Clinical Partnership new HQ.

Our team have moved to Hesslewood Business Park (next door to Spire Hesslewood)


July 2018

Clinical Partnership awarded the CQC status.

CQC the independent regulator of health and adult social care in England.

They ensure health and social care services provide people with safe, effective, compassionate, high-quality care and we encourage care services to improve.

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