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Clinical Partnerships telemedicine service powered by The World Health Net, allows constant monitoring of a patient’s condition and the performance of preventive and control check-ups outside the hospital environment. This form of care is made possible by the use of portable medical devices and our software platform allowing patients to record specifics such as blood pressure, blood sugar levels and other vitals. They are complementary to the provision of primary care, have proven medical value, and support patient-doctor communication, especially during the medical interview.

Benefits of tele-medicine for patients 


The aims of the tele-medicine service are to:

Reducing waiting time for admission into hospital and shortening hospital stay.

  • Reducing the time taken for patients to access specialist services

  • GPs can quickly and easily obtain a second opinion when required

  • The possibility of continued treatment in a home environment.

  • Increased sense of safety through easier and faster contact with the medical staff.

  • Easier and safer access to patients’ own medical data.

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